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About Us

Welcome to Cabin Creek Wellness. Let me share a little bit about us.  Our passion is to help and encourage families and individuals to live their best life. As an R.N. my passion is to serve and assist people to reach their potential not only in health but in life. I have recently chosen to narrow down my focus just to wellness. More specifically, I want to help those over the age of 50 regain their health as it is never to late for that!

We are Pam and James Dunwald and we live in a small rural town called Cashton Wisconsin.  Our closest neighbors are Amish and so we are very rural around here! We love and own horses, enjoy the outdoors; including both hunting and fishing, gardening, personal development, working from home and helping others. Our faith is important to us and we lean on Him and our Savior as important business partners throughout life. James is a small business owner and owns his own auto repair shop.

We own and run 3 businesses, and are super busy like everyone else!

As I began aging, I suffered from some health challenges including being over weight, and that term I hate from the doctor called "obese". I am now pre-diabetic and have had my gall bladder out and other GI issues as well as arthritis. Over the past year I have begun to practice what I have been preaching for years. The result? Much better health and am down 30 lbs. so far and my gut issues have all but disappeared! 

I want to inspire you to make the same changes I did and live your best healthy life for as long as possible. We are not getting any younger. I want to live the fullest life I can in happiness and health, and we want that for you as well!

Join us on this healthy journey for the over 50 crowd! We have a team of wellness coaches, providers, and nurses (all over 50) that will take this journey with you and offer support.

Our past experiences do not define who we are now. We can learn from our past as we move forward to make a new beginning! We can change our course! 



Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to serving you!

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