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20 Printables, Tips and Strategies to Manage Your Holidays This Year

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Let’s Get Ready for the Holidays!

The Holidays can be a magical time if we can manage the stress that goes along with it! We will have over 20 Free Printables to help get everyone ready for the Holidays beginning with Thanksgiving.

As a former single mom of 4 kids and working night shift as an R.N. sometimes we had to get creative to pull off Christmas. Many of those years I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and it broke my heart to make the kids wait and not have the traditional Christmas morning. I relied on my oldest son to help as he got older and became a blessing as my back up Elf! I learned to get creative, budget, and still give the kids the best Christmas I could. My goal is to bring you value and decrease your stress this season so all of us can enjoy the good cheer that normally comes at this time of year. We all know we could use a bit of that right now!!

We are going to do Facebook Live videos 5 nights per week to bring you tips and strategies on getting prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I encourage you to get on the “Recap Don’t Miss List” to get a link to all the lives. Just for stopping by I will have the November and December Calendars waiting for you at the end of this blog post. Don’t forget to get on the list so you get the entire set of over 20 printables and get access to the live videos for this month.

Super excited to share.

I have my first bonus tip available to you for checking out the blog so here goes!!

Now that I am a grandma my Sack Hack has gone to a new level with a blended family of 7 grown kids and 14 grandkids! Our immediate family has grown to 27. We usually do Christmas in 2 shifts (different days) as it is so hard to get them all in one place on one day! I still keep doing it and going all out as Christmas is my jam!

This is my “Stocking Stuffer Sack Hack”

I use plastic grocery bags from any store. You may use whatever type of bag you choose.

I use a piece of paper and write down each family member’s name

I staple it to the bag and make sure it is on nice and tight so it doesn’t fall off prior to wrapping for Christmas. (I keep these bags so I have a place to put things as I pick up items all year long when I find clearance sales)

Each bag has its own colored/patterned Tissue Paper. This has become a challenge for me to find 27 different kinds of Christmas tissue paper!! I am up for the challenge and make it happen. I do this because I don’t want to have to take the time to write names on things that gets way to much even for this Grandma Elf! As I get stocking stuffers for everyone, I decide who gets what. I make a general notation in the Christmas Stocking Stuffer Checklist of what I bought so I don’t duplicate or get more boy things than girl items.

By mid-December I usually have most of everything bought but there are always last-minute things to get. No matter how hard I try I always need to get at least 1 more shopping trip in before Christmas Eve hits. Here is the great part. My husband is often not the most willing participant to help wrap because he always says I go “Way Overboard” but with this little hack I can tell him to grab a bag, the tissue paper is already in the bag and just wrap them up and put them back in the bag so I know which stocking they go in. That is usually pretty easy for him and he likes the simplicity!

Another great thing about the tissue paper per each person idea is that come Christmas morning when the kids are all fired up and things are flying out of the stockings, no one has to worry about knowing which ones are theirs. The kids just look for their own colored tissue paper and the never lose a thing!

Lastly, we want to provide some hacks to allow you to take the time to enjoy this Holiday Season and don’t forget to take care of you!! That will be one of our topics coming up this month so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out!

Hope to see you on a live soon. See the links below for all the details.

Take care,




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