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25 Ways to Make This Year's Holidays Memorable

25 Ways to Make The Holidays Memorable

How many times do we get so caught up in the Holiday Season that we find ourselves wishing it was all over with? I know I have. The Holidays are stressful. We all get caught up in trying to make memories for everyone else we care about that sometimes we neglect ourselves in the process. Here are 25 ways to help make your Holiday Season memorable for both you and your family this year. Try to remember to slow down and take it all in. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

1. Take some video during the “family time” to decorate the house. Put on some Holiday themed music and go to town! Wrap the evening up with some hot chocolate and may be a special Christmas movie. Make sure to take plenty of pictures!

2. Turn Christmas shopping into date night with your partner. I can usually get my husband to go shopping with me once and at the most twice. How I sweeten the deal is to turn it into a date night. We usually end the day with a nice dinner someplace. This year may be a bit challenging for that but get creative. Some movie theatres are open maybe take in a meal and a movie. Whatever the two of you like to do together make the end of the day special after fighting crowds and all the hustle and bustle of finding those perfect gifts.

3. What Holiday Traditions can you start. A mix of old and new. Make them your own for your family. One tradition that lives on in our family is the real Christmas tree. When we were kids that was a big deal to get the real tree and all of us kids would decorate the tree. As we got older, we were in charge of putting the tinsel on. Dad was pretty intense about the tinsel. One strand at a time, no cheating and trying to get all the tinsel on at one time. No clumps of tinsel on our tree! To this day we still have a real tree to decorate each year and this tradition has been passed down to the next generation.

4. What types of family activities can you schedule during the Holidays? I have a free printable I will attach at the bottom of this blog post with further directions on how you can get over 20 free printables for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays this year. Stay tuned! How about doing the Holiday cards together as a family? What about putting some special activities together to count down the last 10 days until Christmas? You can incorporate the 12 Days of Christmas theme as an alternative. Lastly, how about a family discussion on what all happened during the year that you could put into a “news” letter to enclose with your Holiday cards?

5. Create a photo book starting from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day and capture your family Holidays this year. Maybe this becomes a new tradition for you?

6. Before the season gets crazy, sometime early December have a family “fancy” meal. Everyone gets to get all dressed up, including the kids and make the dinner special. Tablecloth, placemats, the who kit and caboodle!

7. Journal this year’s activities and especially this year how you and your family coped with the Corona Virus.

8. Have a baking day with the kids even if it is that one type of cookie you make every year as a family.

9. Is there an indoor or outdoor ice-skating rink you can take the family to?

10. Are you up for a little Christmas Caroling?

11. Take a family drive to view all the lights in the neighborhood or travel to the neighborhood that is famous for going all out with decorations and lights.

12. Read a Holiday book with the kids each night a few days before Christmas to build the excitement

13. Family Toy Drive. Before Christmas, have the kids clean their rooms and prepare to donate their gently used toys they have outgrown to kids that are less fortunate.

14. Build a family snowman and top it off with some treats.

15. Round up the kids for some sledding?

16. Hang an extra stocking this year and have each family member be responsible for adding something to it and before Christmas donate the stocking and or contents to a shelter or women’s shelter.

17. Before opening your presents this year, have each person say one thing they are grateful for.

18. Write a letter to Santa with the kids.

19. Have your family pick out a new “family ornament” each year.

20. We can’t forget to include the Elf on the Shelf! Many a times I have chuckled to see how parents can get creative with this elf!

21. How about making that annual Ginger Bread House?

22. Can you use an Advent Calendar to count down the days to Christmas?

23. What is that one Christmas movie you and your family or you and your partner can watch together that just wouldn’t be Christmas without it? White Christmas? It’s A Wonderful Life? Home Alone?

24. A family or neighborhood cookie exchange.

25. Last, but not least, have a craft day to make some home-made gifts or food gifts for teachers, neighbors, family and friends.

This list is certainly not inclusive of all the things you can do. The important thing is to pick a couple things you have the energy to stick to without becoming overwhelmed. Take the time to soak it all in. Stay tuned. We are doing Facebook Live videos Mon-Fri evenings to discuss this entire subject throughout the month of November. One of our episodes will be about self-care during the Holidays. We would love to see you there. In the meantime, you can checkout previous episodes HERE.

If you would like to receive all the free Holiday printables starting with Thanksgiving, go ahead and grab a spot on the Recap Don’t Miss List and you will get all the printables emailed to you. This week we will have all the Thanksgiving ones ready to go plus getting starting on preparing for Christmas.

As always, thanks for stopping by. See you soon!


p.s. Here are two of the printables as my gift for stopping by!

Download PDF • 109KB

Thanksgiving Checklist

PrintableThanksgiving checklist (1)
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