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Are You a "Hopium" Addict?

One of the things that I am passionate about and learned as one of the success principles is being a life long learner. I am thankful for my journey in Network Marketing and that it has taught me about personal development. Now I know many of you are not going to get past this first line saying “Oh no, not another one. Those things don’t work, those companies are just scams.” Basically, the naysayers said the same things about franchising years ago as they do about Direct Sales, "that concept will never work." All we do is share word of mouth advertising around products and services we are passionate about while trying to bring value to others. That’s it. It is not a get rich quick scheme it is work, simple but hard work with a level playing field for all no matter what side of the tracks you were born on. This blog post is not the place to go into it any further. Now that the elephant is out of the room and if you don’t care to continue, thanks for stopping by. If you are still reading, let’s get into the meat and potatoes to asking yourself the question “Are you a "Hopium" addict?”

This question pertains to everyone in every type of career or business. This principle is not industry specific. Let’s get started. This post will focus on the principles I am learning in a program called Execute 90. This program was created by Clay Stevens. I will share the information and if you feel this might be a program that will help you reach your goals whatever those may be feel free to check it out further here! Execute 90

This training is to assist you in reaching your goals is based on measuring your performance not measuring progress or your success. It is pretty simple and the light bulb just went off when we started this program about 4 months ago. The program is based on 90-day increments and we decided to go for another round! To find out more about our team or to get on the "keep me in the loop" email list click here.

One staggering fact shared in their book Execute 90 is that it took Jeff Bezos, the Amazon Guru, 58 months to turn a profit!! Really? Not one of us would have guessed that. See, we never get to watch the struggles of the most successful, we just are made aware of their results. 58 months is almost 5 years and 19 quarters for those of you that look at your metrics by the 3-month period. Jeff Bezos never gave up and never ventured off the plan and the action steps he knew he needed to do to be successful. If you pay attention to the steps you need to repeat over and over again, the tasks you need to perform that will move your business or career forward, you never have to worry about the results. They just show up!

One analogy I appreciated in the program is using a recipe for making bread. Simple don’t you think? Ah, but not so simple if you don’t follow the recipe exactly. You could skip here or there, leave out a little, add a bit more here and if you are not careful you might get something that does not even resemble a loaf of bread!! Same principles in moving your business or career forward. Determine the EXACT steps (recipe) you need that is specific to your situation and keep doing them over and over while tracking how well you execute them daily, weekly, or whatever you decide your measuring metric will be. A very simple Pearson’s Law says, “When performance is measured, performance improves.” You have got to keep score!! Stephen Covey and Terry Johal both taught “if you don’t control your calendar the things that matter most will get wiped out by the things that matter least.” Wow, that was an eye opener for me! It is very true!! We always put our greatest priorities for the day first thing so they don’t get bumped when fires pop up as the day goes on requiring us to spend time and energy, we didn’t plan on with something else.

So, what is this Hopium all about? Many people believe that the successful are just “lucky”. They end up being in the right place at the right time and the cards are just not lined up for them. Hogwash! I used to believe that. Yes, I did!! I grew up learning the rich are greedy, lucky B______ds that don’t care about anyone else. We learned to be envious of them instead of respecting them for all the hard work and sacrifices they put in to become successful. All the late nights, time away from friends and family, giving up vacations, etc. While we couldn’t wait for Friday night to end the work week and kick off a weekend to play, they didn’t even stop to think Friday was any different day, just another day to work hard on their dreams.

We are here to say that the pain of defeat is 10x worse than then any agony associated with victory! In Clay’s program, he describes Hopium as being associated with “Luck” or “Hope without action”. Just sit by and see what happens. Take the reactive approach to life vs. going out and grabbing all the gusto in life you possible can. Clay goes on to describe Hopium is like a drug that affects the mind tricking them into believing that success is only for the chosen few. For those born of privilege or who have received a few breaks at the right time along the way.

Success does not come without a price or a prize. You have to determine why you want success so badly and are you willing to take the steps necessary to reach your goals.

Hopium mellows out your brain making you believe “there is always tomorrow”, there is always “someday”. Well, my friends, someday never comes for many because they never choose to get off the couch and do something about it! Hoping, wishing, and dreaming without action will never get it done.

The good news is you can wean yourself off the Hopium. You can rid yourself of it’s effects. Your desire must be attached to the willingness to get out of your comfort zone and put forth a bit of action. Develop your recipe for YOUR success.

4 Things We Learned in the Program

1. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The program exists. We just needed to plug in our specific industry, goals, and daily action items (recipe) we need to perform that we know if we do them our success in guaranteed.

2. Accountability partners are HUGE.

3. Track and measure, track and measure.

4. Be supported by a community of like-minded individuals with goals of their own with the common one being success. We need to determine what success looks like for us. Is it a certain dollar amount? Is it a certain lifestyle? Will I donate to specific charities or organizations? Do I want “x” amount of vacations per year? Do I want a 3 or 4-day work week? Lots of options, but you have to determine what success looks like for you.

If you are looking for a bit of structure to get you on track to achieving your goals then I recommend this program. Again, here is the website to get more information. Of course this is a very watered down version of the program but we wanted to let you know there is a system you could plug into that will give you a "leg up" on figuring out how to get your goals accomplished.


For those of you that may have an interest in working from home but you don’t know how to get started we would be honored to help. One of our home businesses in the arena of health and wellness. If this is a passion for you and you have the itch to help others be successful in health, wellness and business then reach out and we would be happy to share more information with you. We are a success when our team is a success.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a few minutes of your time with us. We realize how precious your time is and we don’t take that lightly. Our goal remains to bring you value in all 5 of our Pillars of Passion.

1. Health and Wellness

2. Fostering relationships with family, friends, and pets

3. Supporting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

4. Love of the Outdoors

5. Being good stewards of what we have been given and blessed with and have an attitude of gratitude!

For more information or to get on our “Keep Me in the Loop” email list click here. You can also visit our website for more information at

Take care and see you back here soon!


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