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Does Your Business (even a new one) Need a Face Lift?

Part 1 of a 4 Part Series

As you go along in your business you may make some subtle changes along with way but at what point the seeming insignificant changes compounded over time appear huge?

That’s what this blog post is about today. Knowing when the time might be right to take a breath, look at your mission and values and notice there has been enough changes that your business doesn’t feel anymore the way you want it to be.

We have come to those crossroads in our Cabin Creek business. As a nurse entrepreneur, obviously being a nurse has impacted every area of my life. Nursing spills into much of what I do. Cabin Creek is far from a nursing business and our focus has changed over time. We decided we wanted to be clear on who we want to serve and what types of value we could bring to our community.

We hope by sharing this with you, that you may be able to look at the process and apply it to your own business. One resource we will share at the end is a little book called "The Dash." The dash is that space between when you were born and when you leave this earth. What do you want people to say regarding your dash and how you lived your life? This short read may help you get some clarity on this subject.

Our blog posts have at times feel a little random with some health and medical information thrown in once in a while. Great information and I feel strongly about getting the message out but didn’t quite know if it fits the Cabin Creek mission.

So, we decided to break down the business and look at the pillars or the foundation of our business. In other articles or research, you might also see this called your “Circle” Circle of 5 or Circle of 4. Same as 4-5 pillars. Everyone and every business have a circle of influence or “Pillar” for what they stand for. It seems pretty standard to have anywhere from 3-5. What are the ways you can influence your tribe or your community with the value you bring to them? What are you knowledgeable in and how do you want to identify with your customer?

The first thing we did is to look at the pillars. What areas do we feel we know enough about to bring value and keep our community wanting more from us? We chose 4 pillars.

1. Wellness/Health: Taking care of oneself, we enjoy the outdoors, pets, we have horses, we enjoy hunting and fishing. Gardening is another outdoor activity we like and consuming what we grow! Add to the list Estate Sales and Auctions as we love the hunt to find something of value buried in another person’s life time accumulations. Hobbies fit quite nicely here in the category of wellness. What brings you joy? Mind, Body and Spirit? Is your Faith important to you? What are your morning routines? (this is a whole different blog post!!)

2. Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit: We love to support those that want to have their own business and/or work from home. We want to support and encourage everyone that wants to design their own life! We focus on personal development here which is very important to us. If you are not ripening you are rotting! Think about that for a moment.

3. Family: We are parents and grandparents. Family is extremely important to us and want to find ways to bring you value in fostering your relationships with the ones you care about most.

4. Stewardship- Here we want to share ways to help you be a good steward with your resources including your money. We also encourage you to find ways to give back. Success is bigger than just your bank account. Success is when you can leave a legacy or a footprint that benefits others. I listened to a training the other day and I will share it with you. The lesson was to not only have a dream board of things you want to accomplish but a list on your dream board stating what others will say about you when you pass. What is your epitaph? When you leave this world what do you want to be known for? There is a book out there called “The Dash” and it is a great little book that makes you think about the dates on your headstone and what your dash stands for. In other words, what did your life mean in between the year you were born and the year you passed.

Next, we looked at our core values. There are so many to choose from. Try to narrow it down to 3. You want to be as focused as possible. We all want to think we can help everybody. Everyone is our customer. Well, this just isn’t the case. The more we focus on who we want to serve and get as detailed as possible, then we are ready to build our community.

We chose the following values:

1. Persistence-Never quit and never give up. Be gritty. Be sticky. Stay with it long enough to succeed. People often give up just before they are ready to bust loose and make great strides.

2. Dependability: We want to be reliable. Show up and be consistent. We want to be responsible. We take our community seriously and want to have a positive impact on others. We want you to be the best you can be. If we can help you achieve that in even a small way, we have achieved our goal. We also see this value as taking responsibility for our own lives. Making better choices, knowing that we are or are not where we want to be based on the choices, good or bad that we have made along the way. We may not be able to control everything that happens to us but we can control how we react.

3. Grateful: We want to foster an attitude of gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for. Every day say what you are grateful for. Being grateful and thankful for what you already have and being grateful already for what you don’t have yet, is one key to abundance.

Now that we have discussed our Pillars or Circle of 4, let’s define our ideal customer. Who do you serve? How old are they? Man or woman or both? What do they do for a living? Where to they hang out? What Social Media platforms do they use? Do they have a family? Where do they shop? What do they buy? The more detailed and defined you can be the better. Lastly name them and find an image that represents exactly who they are. We have learned this lesson. You can’t be all things to everyone so drill down and figure out who you can serve the best. (See printable “Who’s My Avatar”)

I hesitated to mention that we love hunting. I know that could eliminate 50% of who may be attracted to our community but then I wouldn’t be true to who we are and what we stand for. We eat everything we harvest and if we don’t take anything home that day, that’s ok. We had an amazing day outdoors listening to all the sounds of the woods. Truly one of the most peaceful experiences I get to have. What I am trying to say here, is that you want to attract the customers you best understand and can serve well. That is why so many times your Avatar or perfect customer looks a lot like you. You can relate. If we were to try and target one of the younger generations, we don’t think we would be as effective. I certainly out of touch with what the younger kids are up to these days! I hope that makes sense to you.

So many of you have a new business waiting to come out! Now more than ever, is the time to look at multiple streams of income. Not keeping all your eggs in one basket. If like us, you are 60ish don't let that stop you for one second. You have so much wisdom, experience, knowledge and value you can bring to the table. We have included a free workbook on the first step in starting a business. We help you in identifying your brand and who your ideal customer is. This is Part 1 of a 4 part series in helping you launch a business. Even if you start small, ever so small, who knows where your vision can take you! We have also included a couple of links of the resources we have and continue to use to help build our businesses.

So, from this point on you will see things from Cabin Creek that can fit into one of our pillars and staying true to our values. If you can relate and find yourself identifying with our pillars then “welcome to our community” we look forward to serving you now and in the future!

Stay tuned for Part 2 in re-branding where we get into some of the fun stuff!!

Here is our complimentary work book that is a companion to this blog post on Branding A Business

PrintablePDF3-5-21Building a Brand Pilla
Download • 4.12MB

The Book "The Dash"

The Book "Build a Story Brand"

Hope this post has brought you value. Stay tuned as we continue on with 3 more parts to take you to rolling out your small business and what it takes. We will have a check list to cover all the get started "stuff", walk you through setting up your first Facebook Fan Page, and share a free resource to spruce up your business without having to be a graphic designer!! You can do this!!! One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. If this old gal can do it anyone can!!!

Thanks for stopping by and spending some of your valuable time with us.


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