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Does Your Life Need A Do Over?

What If You Could Have a Life Do-Over?

I was blessed to be able to watch and listen to an amazing life coach talk about how we can push though our past and create an awesome life “come back” story. If you haven’t heard or followed Tim Storey you are missing out. I will mention some of is his books as we move through this blog post. He has coached many famous people we are very familiar with.

Being a single mom of 2 children at the ripe old age of 23 while attending nursing school there were many days I didn’t think I could do it. I tried to keep my two and three year-old with me at the “dorm” where I attended a hospital based nursing program and have my soon to be “ex” watch them during school hours and I would go back to his house and care for the kids while he worked a second shift job. He lived with his parents and not a proud shining moment in my life facing my soon to be ex in-laws every day. I kept this up for a while. I was in my last semester of nursing school and all I could think about was one thing. If I quit, I will never be able to support my kids and make a life for us.

My parents had moved to Wisconsin after I graduated high school but I still had grandparents in Chicago where I was going to school. I asked if me and the kids could stay with them until I graduated and got a job and could find my own place. Grandma said no, she thought having the little ones around would be too much for him. I did the only thing I could think of and that was let my ex take the kids with the understanding I could get them back after I finished nursing school and got a job. This was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life! I just kept telling myself it was just for a few months.

I worked every other weekend 3rd shift over night as a C.N.A. at another hospital closer to the kids so bring in some cash for my expenses. I remember calling my dad up and asked if the next time he was back in Chicago could he spare a few bucks for me to get some food. Cottage Cheese was my staple while in nursing school. There are many stories I can tell during these last few months but I will spare you the gory details!

I share this to tell you this. Don’t let your past define you. I graduated number 2 in my class with a 3.96 GPA. I got one B and that was in my nutrition class. Something had to give and that got the least of my attention. I got a job and my kids and I moved into an apartment. I always dreamed of being a stay at home mom after I had kids. I am a little old fashioned that way I guess but that dream never became a reality.

I jumped into the next relationship because I felt so old at age 23. I didn’t think I was worthy and with 2 children that came with the package I jumped into the next relationship. Two more children later I became a single mother again now with 4 kids. This journey would last about 10 years. You can imagine how I felt putting two of those kids through a second divorce and repeating what was a horrible experience the first time around. My finances were a disaster. I filed bankruptcy at one point and lost my home in a foreclosure. My mom mini-van was re-possessed and I was in a very dark place in my life.

Life was tough for all those years. Trying to make ends meet with very little to no support financially. I was very fortunate to have an amazing family and a first husband who permitted me to take the kids to Wisconsin to be closer to my family. As a side note, my first husband and I are great friends and we have even travelled with our spouses to Alaska together for two weeks and had an amazing time!! You can make these things work if you want to!!

I made the best of my situation. I worked full-time third shift as an R.N. for 10 years. I didn’t get much sleep in those days but I was able to be there for my kids. It was my alternative to being a stay at home mom. I still did the Girl Scout Leader thing and had an amazing sister who helped me care for my kids and in return I for hers. Lots of lessons were learned.

My kids are grown. We have a blended family of 7 grown kids, 14 grandchildren and an amazing life. We have a beautiful log home on 115 acres. We have horses and love the outdoors. We have a boat we love to fish with and take the grandkids out on. I little bit different lifestyle then what I had before! I want to give hope and encouragement to all those women out there who have similar experiences and tell them there is hope. You can have an amazing life too!!

My goal as an entrepreneur is to help single moms and all moms live the life they were meant to live! Be that stay at home mom or the mom that can work from home to contribute an income to the family and have the flexibility to be a mom too! Get your finances in order, save money, make extra money. Help you do whatever it takes to get you the life you deserve! You can have it all!!!

Here is what I learned today that may help all of you.

There are Three Levels of Living

1. Almost: Not quite, nearly, or sort of. Not the life you want.

2. Most: Most of the time but you deserve more!

3. Utmost: that’s the life we want to live.

Most people don’t get to Utmost because they sit back in the setback. They settle in the setback. Some people even cement themselves in the set back. What are you holding onto and why? You deserve more and your destiny is in your hands. You can pull up your boot straps, take control and do whatever it takes to move forward even if it is in very small seemingly insignificant steps. Those small steps over time turn into gigantic leaps!

How Do You Come Back?

1. Become awake. Don’t sleep walk through your life. Become aware of what got you there and how you can move beyond.

2. Take Inventory: What do you have now? What is left of your life to begin your new journey? Where are you going to start from?

3. Get the Right Partners: Surround yourself with like minded positive make it happen kind of people. You are the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most. Get a coach, get a mentor. Find someone that inspires you to become more. Find someone with the right motives for helping you.

4. Have the Right Plan: You must get an education to devise a great come back plan. Learn by listening, communicating with others that have the knowledge you want to gain. Read books, listen to podcasts, listen to audio books, take a class, seek out a life coach. Do whatever it takes. You also learn by observation. Watch what the successful people are doing and see what strategies you can put in place as you move forward. Implement what makes sense for your current situation.

5. Persistence: People like us don’t quit!! We are not giving up.

Join us in our journey of helping others be successful in life. If you would like to join the email list to get our newsletter with even more tips and strategies for making your life even better click here. We are happy to serve you and respect your inbox and will not fill it up! I want to thank you for spending the time with us to read our blog and hope you have been able to get value out of what we shared.

I encourage you to begin your education journey with looking at Tim Storey’s books, “Come Back and Beyond” and his newest “The Miracle Mentality”.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!!


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