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Is It Time for A Check Up from the Neck Up?

I can’t believe it is almost the end of January already! We are knee deep into 2021. How are you doing on your goals? Is 2021 off to a good start for you? If it is that is fantastic! Kudos to you!! If not, we are here to help. Let’s do a little check up from the neck up and see how we can help you turn it around. The great thing about January is that is the first month of the New Year and plenty of time to get started on a new path.

I watched a great training the other day in our Inner Circle Group and thought it was a perfect time to share this information. We are going to look at 5 Steps To Make 2021 The Best Year Ever! We shared some great info to kick off the New Year but we want to give everyone a chance even if they haven’t started yet!

This is going to require some action on your part so grab a piece of paper and pencil or pen before we get started.

Ok, let’s get going.

Step 1: Write down these 4 categories on a piece of paper and leave room for 2 columns under each heading. The headings are Health, Relationships, Spirituality (faith, mindfulness, etc.) and Success/Finances. Under the first column write down 5 things you DON’T want in 2021. Yes, that is right, 5 things you don’t want.

Just a note here, our training spoke of a research study that was done by Harvard University on what is the key to happiness. The study was over a course of guess 10 years? 20? 30? Nope, 75 years. What the results showed was hands down the happiest people had the happiest relationships! So, as you are thinking of your 5 things you don’t want and then the next step focus on the 5 things you do want please don’t neglect the relationship category!!

Step 2: Right next to the first five things under the same headings but in a new column, write down 5 things you DO want in each of your life’s headings. Here is where we will focus but it is important to know what you don’t want as it will remind you and push you to what you do want. It is sad to say but sometimes we are more motivated by what we don’t want (moving away from the pain) vs. being motivated by what we do want (moving towards pleasure) Get the idea?

Step 3: What’s Your Story? Have you ever thought of what might be holding you back? What stories were you told when you were younger or maybe as an adult? What stories have you told yourself? I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, handsome enough, smart enough, skinny enough or I’m not a good enough athlete. You get the picture. Pick your poison.

The good news is you can re-write your story. Yep, you sure can! The beauty of writing your own story is that is just that. You can write it anyway you want and you get to decide the beginning, middle and the end. Have you written a letter to yourself this year? Start writing it today but date it 1-5 years in the future. Describe your best day, your best life, your best……Declare to the world what your life will be like then.

Think about what role you want to play in your story. Every movie usually has 4 main characters. The Hero, the Mentor, the Victim, and the Villain. Which roles are you currently playing and which roles are you going to play in your story? You say well I don’t mentor anyone. If you have family, children, aging parents, you are mentoring someone! These may be the most important mentoring you will do in your life! These same family members sure motivate me to want to be the Hero and the Mentor.

Step 4: Visualization. You have to see it, feel it, and act as if you already have it. Have you completed your vision board yet? If the thought of a large poster board with pictures hanging on your wall is too much for your right now then start with a dream book. A simple scrap book containing all the photos of what you want your life to be like. The pictures may not all be “things” but may be experiences like travel, go on a mission, see your kids or grandkids more, get out of debt. Try it and look at it often to keep your mind focused on where you are going. Don’t worry how you will get there. These things have a way of working themselves out. Faith and Fear cannot co-exist so I am asking you to have a little faith here. You are worth it. You can be the Hero in your story.

Affirmations are another way to help feel and realize your wants. An affirmation is simply a short couple of sentences designed to speak in the present tense what you have already been granted. For example, one might be “I am so excited and grateful I have money left over at the end of the month to put towards savings”. Look at your “wants” you designed in step 1 and 2 and design an affirmation around your “wants” in each category. I have one of mine taped to the lamp on my bedside table and so every night I go to bed and think about this affirmation so my mind can go to work on it when I am sleeping.

Step 5: Let it go! I know you are tempted to start singing the song from Frozen but that is not what I meant here! Steps 1-4 have laid the ground work and developed the seeds to living out your new story. The seeds are no good if they stay gathered in your hands. Cast those seeds out, throw them out there and let them grow! Your affirmations will nurture those seeds and get them growing! Tell the world what you want!

The main theme here is that you can take control of your future. The life you want can be as simple as making a decision. I didn’t say the journey would be that simple but it is the journey that builds character and prepares us to handle the successes we worked so hard to achieve.

Lastly, all this will be for nothing if you don’t take action and take a chance on the opportunities that will come your way. Goals are only dreams if there is no action. Take the first step and the next one will get a bit easier! All of this will help put you in the right mind frame to go to work on your new story. Yes, that darn four-letter word called WORK! Sometimes we need to work on our self as much as we need to work on the tasks at hand.

Feel free to share in the comments below if this has been helpful at all. We truly want to help our community be successful in 2021 in what ever areas they choose! We will do our best to bring you value and assistance in the arenas of saving time and money while supporting those that work from home or would like to!

I was sharing this information during our team call the other night and I took out a little journal I started back in 2006. This was an ongoing “list” of my wants and a list of things indicating how I want my life to be. As these things get accomplished, I cross them off and always adding to it. I am over 300 things at any given time. One of the items was “write a book”. I didn’t indicate what it was about or how I would do it. Here we are in 2021 and with our new start up business launching in mid-February we have a book coming out to go along with the launch! Don’t be afraid to let the world know what you want and it is very powerful to write it down! According to an article from Huff Post, people are "42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis." I like that percentage so it pays to write them down.

I have included the article from Huff if you would like more info on the value of writing down your goals and dreams. The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams | HuffPost

As always, thanks for stopping by and spending some of your valuable time with us. We appreciate you! You are the Hero and the Mentor!!!

I did a Facebook Live video on this topic this week if you would like to check it out.

Take care,


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