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Part 3 Senior Start-Ups

I promised I would get into some of the fun stuff for this 3rd of 4 parts of laying the ground work for a small start-up or side hustle for us empty-nesters. Part 4 of 4 we will show you how to create a Facebook Fan Page where you can begin sharing posts about your new business!

I went live on our Cabin Creek Facebook page and did a short tutorial on using a program called Canva. This is a free or a paid tool that allows you to create Facebook and Instagram Posts, Stories, Charts, Checklists, Presentations, Greeting Cards, and so much more. I use it all the time promoting all our businesses. I do have the paid version but I encourage everyone to start with the free version to make sure you are happy with it and you feel you are getting enough use of the program.

I will attach the video so you can watch and learn how to use the program. During the video we create a Facebook post for a new business called "Mary's Merry Flower Shop" This is a name I just made up on the fly to illustrate how you can use your ideas with your business to create some marketing material.

In promoting your business there are several ways you can go about it. We still remember news paper ads, radio ads, magazine ads and door to door sales. With the wave of the internet we can reach millions of people at a click of a button. Much more efficient and often very much more cost effective. These methods still exist and are used by many, especially to reach local customers. If your business has a bigger reach and can service people everywhere then I am afraid you are going to need to use the Internet as a method of marketing.

In the first part we talked about your Avatar or your perfect customer and what do they look like. We need to go back to that assessment and now do our home work on what Social Media Platforms they use. If your Avatar is similar to you and me, it is pretty simple; Facebook. Many of us are just getting used to this platform let alone Instagram, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, and yes, Tik Tok. There is also Twitter and Snap Chat to round out the crowd. It is very easy to do a little research. You can check Google Trends and get an idea of where your perfect customer spends time on the internet. Where do they go and what are they looking for. If your product or service appeals to the younger generations then you for sure need to look at Instagram and Tik Tok.

We will talk more in depth in Facebook for our last blog in this series. We will discuss in Part 4 not only how to set up a Facebook Fan page but also some marketing strategies to use for Facebook and how to place an ad. After this series I would love some feedback from all of you to let me know if you need more information in one or another area of this series. I would be very happy to go back and dive in deeper if it would help you.

Thanks for stopping by and spending some of your precious time with us. Our goal is always to bring you value and go to work to help you live your best life!

Please don't forget to drop a comment. We are always looking at ways to improve and bring you more of what you need!

Take care and see you for Part 4. Watch on our Facebook Page Cabin Creek Marketing for updates on the last post and more "What's Happening at the Cabin"


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