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Spring Cleaning-Decluttering Your Life

Clutter can come in many forms. We will learn some tips and strategies to manage that clutter! We can see physical and non-physical clutter in 5 different areas; digital, i.e., your email inbox, emotional, physical, sentimental, and financial clutter. I had a great interview with Tosh Patterson, Life Coach. A gal after my own heart after earning her Master’s Degree in Education and teaching she found her entrepreneurial spirit and found being a life coach fueled her passion.

Tosh has a method of decluttering called “Let it Go” that she teaches her clients. We decided to offer a private session with Tosh, valued at $150.00, to learn the “Let it Go” method as our grand prize for our “Spring Cleaning Challenge” this month running now through April 18th with winners announced on April 19th, 2021. We have included the links below to join the challenge. Plenty of time to get in the winner’s circle! We have included the video interview with Tosh here at the blog! We are offering a great book also for a prize “Organize Your Life” by Susan Sly our business mentor, and some Amazon gift cards!

Tosh tackles each decluttering situation 1:1 with individuals to set specific goals and meet each person’s own needs and goals. I am certainly going to take Tosh up on her method! I am a bit jealous for the top winner who gets the 1:1 time with Tosh! (just kidding of course!)

In the video you will get some tips and learn how emotional clutter can really affect your life. Tosh will share systems as a method to help you manage your clutter.

One little twist we are including in the challenge is allowing you to earn points by generating a little “jingle” by decluttering and using resale companies including Posh Mark and Thred Up. There are certainly more of these types of companies out there. We will have you share digitally any receipts showing how much you made while you declutter!

Tosh suggested a way to manage your sentimental clutter is by taking pictures of the items and having the image of memory and place these in a book made in Shutterfly or some other similar program while getting rid of the actual item. I think this is a great idea for school pictures, home-made cards, children’s artwork etc.

We are running this challenge to stay true to our mission of helping all of you live your best life! I know clutter is a challenge for me and in the past few months we have been doing a lot of decluttering around the house and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have clean closets, more room, and I do believe this opens your life up with more room for abundance.

Start small like we did. We tackled one room, and then broke it down to 1 closet or storage area at a time. We worked on cabinets, drawers, you name it. I haven’t tackled the sentimental clutter yet but now I feel I have a handle on what I need to do with all of these things. A have such a better feeling about my house and feel some tension is lifted as we remove all the clutter in our life.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and as always, we want to bring you value so you want to come back for more! I can’t guarantee what will be next but I can say for sure it will be with good intentions to help you live your best life!

What I do know that I can share is that in May we will be introducing our “28 Days to a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle” Challenge. We will have a private Facebook group to bring you the goods for 28 days and will have some great prizes as well. Setting and reaching those health goals while getting ready for the summer!

Take care and thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your precious time with us.

Good Luck in the Challenge!!



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