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Will Your 2021 Goals Lead You to an Exceptional Year?

Make 2021 an Exceptional Year by Planning Ahead with Goals

Glad you stopped by. Our theme for the month of December is to help our community get a head start on making 2021 their best year yet by starting on goal planning now. We are sure that most everyone would like to see this year end sooner than later and putting hope into the fact that 2021 has to be better!

New Year’s Resolutions are not new. Most start out with a bang and go strong for a couple of week and then things kind of fizzle out and we retreat into old habits and we keep getting the same results over and over again. Dag-na-bit!! Not this year. My goal is to give you the tools and guidance to create your 2021 and make some progress in achieving your goals this year.

One thing that eats at me is the attitude that life happens and there is nothing you can do about it but react and take what comes your way. Bologna! If you want to make a change and you want to 2021 to be different take charge and let’s get this done. Let’s play a little offense for once instead of playing in the comfort zone of defense.

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect this week as we roll out this month’s blog posts and checklists on goal mapping and goal setting for 2021. Darren Hardy is a mentor of mine in the arena of personal development both business and personal. I highly encourage you to join Darren Daily. Every morning during the week, he gives us five minutes of insight to help us keep everything running on the right track. Sometimes he kicks our butt a bit but it is all for the goal of making us better. Darren Daily is free and comes to your email inbox every morning. You can find out more at

This week Darren was talking about taking control in all areas of your life. He talked about a game most of us have played at one time or another. The Game of Life. He mentions that no skills are required, how your life unfolds is by the spin of the wheel and what the cards are telling you. He discusses that many of us live our life this way. Going through the motions, playing safe, playing defense.

Our family has always been into sports and this analogy made sense to me. Let’s take a football game for example. Yes, the defense is extremely important to keep the other team from scoring a lot of points to give the team the best advantage at winning. The big “but” comes in when you realize that no matter how good your defense is most games are not won by the defense, the game is won by the offense scoring points. The offense takes control, gets aggressive and makes things happen and hopefully scores some points and if the defense can keep the opponent from scoring more than the offense can produce the team wins.

My point is we need to take charge and go after the things we want instead of hanging back and waiting to see what happens. The wait and see attitude doesn’t get it done.

During this pandemic when the world is shaken up and some people are retreating and taking a “wait and see” attitude others are moving forward, pivoting to try other things and even starting a new business.

During 2008 I am sure you will recognize some of these businesses that started during the great recession. Here are a few. According to Fox News here are 10 businesses that got started during the recession.

Credit Karma 2008

What’s App 2009

Venmo 2009

Groupon 2008

Uber 2009

Pinterest and Instagram 2010

Slack 2009

Cloudera 2008

GV, formerly Google Ventures 2009

What does this all mean? If life throws you lemons make lemonade! I know that is pretty cliché but it is true. As a nurse I see a lot of people getting lost in the shuffle of health care these days. People that don’t have the virus are struggling to get routine health care and to try and navigate your way through our health care system is next to impossible unless you know the ropes. People need a voice and to have help speaking up for them when it comes to their health care. During these times we have chosen to start a new business in the arena of Patient Advocacy. We are in pre-launch and hoping to have our book out by the first of the year to help launch our new business but some people called us crazy for taking a chance during these uncertain times. There is always risk in doing something new. The point is, decide what you want, what your life can look like, and what you need to become to make it happen.

This month we will provide tips and strategies to help you define what your goals are for 2021. Once we accomplish that we will move on to the “how” part. How we can bring those goals to life and achieve them vs. letting them go by the wayside.

James and I take a few days in December (this year it is this weekend) to do something special or go somewhere to work on our goals for the upcoming year. Maybe you can’t go anywhere this year or your budget is tight but set aside some uninterrupted time. Maybe plan a quiet evening and set aside a few hours to work on your goals with a special meal or movie night/date night after. Make it enjoyable and something you will look forward to every year. I know some couples go out for a nice dinner and discuss what goals and plans they want to make for the next year. No right or wrong way just make a way to take some time to get it done without rushing through it.

The first step is to use the worksheet to write yourself a letter. Write it in the present tense as if it was occurring now but write it from the perspective of 1 year from now. The idea is to describe your life in detail of what it looks like one year from now as you are living it after you have achieved your goals for the year. Where are you living, what vehicle are you driving, where are you vacationing, what does your career or business look like? Spell it all out!

The next step is to decide what goals you will have for the New Year. I have attached a Goal Mapping Worksheet that will help you list out some of the things in each category of your life that you would like to accomplish in this upcoming year. Once you have goals in all the areas of your life the hard part starts. Drill down that list of goals and pick 3. Yes, pick only three. If you pick more things will only get diluted and you get spread too thin and you end up failing to reach your goals in many cases.

Choose those 3 goals and then move on to the next work sheet and begin to look at what you need to do to achieve those goals. For example, what skills will you need to learn, what habits do you need to start and stick with, what books or audio trainings do you need to purchase, what actions do you need to take, what small seemingly insignificant tasks or habits can you start that will compound over time and lead you to BIG results and finally, who do you need to become to achieve those goals?

Lastly think about tracking your progress. We will provide some tools this month to help you stay on track and measure your progress. What is tracked gets accomplished. Your tracking holds you accountable for your actions and at the end of the day if you are not happy with your results you can see at a glance if you did what you set out to do to inch your way to achieving your goals.

It is scarry. I am not saying it’s not. It will be hard. I am not saying it won’t. What I am saying is that “hell ya!” it will be worth it! Let’s take this journey together and hold each other accountable. If you feel comfortable, leave some comments below and share some of your goals. By putting them out to the world you are making a statement and it helps you be more committed. Look out 2021 our tribe is on the loose!!!

As always, our goal is to bring value to you around saving time and money along with supporting those that want to change their life with their own business and supporting those already working from home.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to check in. Thanks for stopping by and we will talk again soon!

Take care,


Write Letter to Self

Download PDF • 32KB

Goal Mapping Worksheet

Download PDF • 237KB

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