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Sugar Buster Program

Next Class Sunday March 6th

Lose 5#, stop carb cravings, feel better, have more energy

  • Reset your Metabolism.

  • Reduce stored fat.

  • Reduce weight from inflammation

  • Improve your body’s response to exercise.



  • 5 Day RESET Detox & Cleanse with 5 full days of food

  • 5-day supply of #1 rated multivitamin in North America

  • 5-days of Probiotics to improve digestive health

  • 6 LIVE ZOOM calls with Dr Karen Wolfe and health coaches for education and support

Guidebook, Survival Kit, grocery list, snack list, recipes

These first classes of the New Year are a great way to attend with a friend or family member where you can get one kit and 1/2 off for the second on.



28 Days to Health

During this 28-day Program you will take the journey to jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle.

This is a general class that covers all you need to know about developing some healthy habits.

Our first program of the New Year will be announced soon and will begin in February.

We will have an emphasis this class on heart health

Gut Matters-28 Days to Detox

Program Starts Sunday March 13th


  • Build Your Immunity with Simple Immune Promoting Habits

  • Complete 28 days of either Core Immune Support Pack or Balance for your Belly Pack that will assist in the 4 R’s process-order by clicking link using preferred customer status to get best pricing.

  • Join a community of wellness seekers and professionals who support you and teach you valuable information you can use for your lifetime.

  • Make the essential changes that will promote a healthy microbiome and recharge your digestive tract

  • Improve Your mood and energy

  • Sleep better

  • Lose weight or maintain weight

  • Decrease inflammation symptoms - bloating, achiness, headaches, fatigue, throat and eye irritation, skin irritation.

  • Win a prize for just being here and engaging with us

*Panel of 9 Health Experts including physicians, nurse practitioners, Health Coaches, and more

*Daily lessons and private Facebook Group for the 28 days.

*Weekly Zoom meetings for questions and prizes

*Free Gut Matters E-book

*Free 90-Day Health Journal


Sip and Scrubs

This is a fun evening of complimentary sampling of nutritional skin care products.

We have a fun time sipping and scrubbing while sipping your favorite beverage while sampling our charcoal exfoliating mask and Intensive Serum.

This is a fun introduction to developing a skin care routine.

28 Days to Beauty

This program takes you on a journey to 28 days to Beauty by learning to take care of your largest organ, your Skin!

4 Weeks of Lessons and a chance to participate in a Sip and Scrub where you can sample the skin care products shared in the program.

You will learn tips and strategies to assist you in promoting skin health and do what you can to slow the signs of aging. Most important is you will learn how to keep your skin healthy!

Free Gut Matters 51 Page E-Book

Grab your complimentary 51-Page Gut Matters E-Book where you will learn why your gut is called your "Second Brain"

Your gut health is a good indicator often on your overall state of heatlh. 

Learn how your gut impacts your immune system and much more!

Get Yours Here

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